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Used worldwide in Electronics, Audio/Video, Computers, Communications, Avionics, Marine, Medical, Security, Photography, etc.

Improves the Performance and Reliability of All Equipment and Parts!

• Cleaner Audio
• Clearer Video
• Reliable Data
• Brighter Lights
• Prolonged Product Life

MORE Than a Contact Cleaner

Chemically Improves


Boeing Company

We have been using CAIG products on switches, contacts and edge connectors and they are considered “Preferred Products” at Boeing.

Bose Corporation

DeoxIT® D-Series is an excellent product for removing oxidation and contamination from dirty switches & controls and reducing intermittent contact problems. We have been using CAIG products with great success for over 35 years.

General Electric

We were having trouble with edge connectors in our manufacturing environment until we tried DeoxIT® Gold Wipes . . . . . . great product.

Hewlett Packard

Consistent intermittent connection failures on PC board edge connectors for our micro automation equipment have been eliminated by using CAIG’s DeoxIT® Gold Wipes. It has been indispensable in reducing down-time on our equipment.

Honeywell Inc.

CAIG’s DeoxIT® D-Series is great stuff. We use it on feedback slide-wires, edge connectors, & relay contacts in industrial process controls.

News/Studio Sessions Editor, Radio World

The DeoxIT® Gold works great. I used it on some old tube equipment and it eliminated a loud hum that I thought was something more serious. DeoxIT® D-Series also got rid of the recurring contact noise in a rotary control that usually returned after using other sprays. Even works on keeping oxidation from metal panels and knobs.

Rane Corporation

People call me daily asking for recommendations for cleaners and lubricants. Most everyone has tried something less than DeoxIT®, and after using what we authorize, the results are always positive, sometimes bordering on miraculous.


We use DeoxIT® Gold Wipes to protect virgin edge connectors, DeoxIT® D-Series contact cleaner to eliminate intermittent problems on primitive tin-to-tin connectors (which tend to vibrate) and will be using DeoxIT® Gold in the field for gold connectors . . . . . excellent products.

Xerox Corporation

Corrosion problems on very sensitive connectors have been an annoying problem for us. We have tried many products without success until we tried CAIG’s DeoxIT® D-Series and DeoxIT® Gold. They are the only products that have worked perfectly. We highly recommend them.


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